2017-2018 Boys Volleyball Teams

SB Coast is excited to host SB Coast Tryouts for this next year’s club volleyball season on Sep 16, 2017 and make up tryout session on Sep 24, 2017.  Stay tuned for more details as tryouts are completed and teams are formed.

2016-2017 Boys Volleyball Teams

We are very excited this year to have 6 boys travel teams competing in Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) tournaments.

Our boys volleyball teams generally have 2 practices each week, and participate in approximately 10-14 tournaments during the Winter, Spring and early Summer periods (October through early July). Each team is comprised of ~10-12 players from each age-level division.  These are the official SCVA Age Definitions used to determine a player’s age-level division.

Checkout this season’s SB Coast Tournament Schedule and Events Calendar.