Program FAQ’s

What is the SB Coast Volleyball Program?

Our boys indoor volleyball program is made up of different age-level volleyball teams that practice regularly and participate in Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) sanctioned tournaments.  These SCVA tournaments are typically held in Southern California between October through June.  Qualifying teams may also compete in a final season national event USA Volleyball – Boys Junior National Championship (BJNC) typically held in early July. This year’s 2017 BJNC is being held July 1st – 8th in Columbus, Ohio.  

When is the volleyball season?  When are tryouts?

Seasonal tryouts are generally held in early September, though mid-season tryouts for teams that are accepting additional players are also welcome. Contact Us if you’re interested in joining our program. Our boys indoor volleyball season generally runs from early September through early July for teams that compete in the national BJNC tournament.  High-School aged players that participate in Boys Indoor Volleyball break from competing in SCVA tournaments during their regular high-school Spring season. This means our U16 & U18 teams typically do not play in SCVA tournaments from late February through late May.  Our U14 teams typically have their first tournament a few weeks later than the older divisions (mid-November), but play throughout the Winter and Spring periods. 

What age is appropriate for learning how to play volleyball?

Learning how to play volleyball can start at any age, and the best way is to pepper with your child (or have someone who plays sub in for you).  As for organized, competitive team competition, typically we begin with 11-12 years old.  Depending on demand, we can have a younger clinic division 10-11, which instills the fundamentals for the seasons to come.  In special instances (typically a supreme talent, or a boy who has been taught early by a volleyball playing parent) boys can join the competing teams as young as 10 years old.  

What do the different age-level divisions mean (U14, U16, U18)?

A player’s birthdate is used to determine the age-level division a player is allowed to compete in.  Example: U14 or sometimes called 14 and Under division is made up of players that are under fourteen years old as of September 1st for the season that is starting.  These are the official SCVA Age Definitions used to determine a player’s age-level division.  Players are allowed to play in a higher age-level division, but are not allowed to play in a lower age-level division (e.g. A fifteen year old player can compete on a U18 division or U16 division team, but cannot compete with a U14 division team).  

When and where do SB Coast teams practice?

Gym time is a scarce commodity in Santa Barbara.  Locations will vary, but typically we will practice at any of our local pubic High Schools, Page Youth Center, Robertson Gymnasium,  Boys and Girls Club, and other local gyms according to availability.  Practices are typically two hours long, twice a week.  

When and where are the SCVA tournament competitions?

Tournaments are in Anaheim, CA for most of the season, and typically fall on Saturdays for the one day tournaments.  There are 3 multi day tournaments during the season,  one is a 3 day tournament in June, and two – two days, in  Dec and Jan.   The season culminates with Junior Olympics the first week in July in a different city each year.    2017  will be held in Scottsdale, AZ.   Only teams that qualify for JO’s will attend.  SB Coast typically sends 2 teams each year.  For a full season schedule please see our full schedule page.  

Does SB Coast Volleyball Academy have both travel and practice only players?

This is depending on demand.  Coast recommends that all players attend at least two tournaments a season, if deemed a practice player.  We have not used the practice player format in the past. 

What is the cost for joining the program?

Santa Barbara Coast Volleyball Academy is a non-profit.  We strive to keep fees as low as possible.  The fees will be announced at the start of each season. We have not exceeded dues of $2000 per season, and do not expect to do so anytime soon.  

Can you join a team in the middle of the season?

Yes, but consideration of existing players will be first and foremost.  

Are you looking for more coaches?

We are always looking for more talent both on the playing court, and the sideline.   Please inquire by reaching out to director of Player and Coaching Personnel, David Rottman. at